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Journey from Rosa Khutor to Krasnaya Polyana to dolmens and fonts in a mountain river.

from 2 000

Popular tour in Sochi National Park to the mineral springs. Physically easy route. Beautiful nature, mountain rivers, views and chestnut forest. Does not require special training. The length of 28 km. Duration 4 hours.

from 2 000

This is not only the experience of traveling on bicycles, but also a gastronomic adventure. The bicycle part of the route leads to the remote mountain village Medoveevka. Here are a restaurant and a brewery, which have become a must-see among lovers of good cuisine on clean mountain water and natural Medoveev products prepared according to local recipes.

from 3 000

The most interesting, rich and beautiful tour is a journey for the whole day, which will give so many impressions and photos that will be enough for the year ahead! The route passes through many different beautiful places, on the way from the mountains to the sea, the relief and nature change and give new views.

from 3 500

The route "Lake Traverse" will acquaint tourists with the famous objects of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

from 500

Includes a hiking route to the Agursky waterfalls, a full briefing and warm-up training in rock climbing, the Eagle Rocks fi-ferrata (climbing route for beginners), a rest near the Prometheus statue, two exciting descents of dyulfer along the Agur River Canyon, and swimming in natural mountain bowls rivers and walk through the Agursky waterfalls.

from 9 200

Fan climbing - climbing on natural mountains, suitable for people with any level of training. Achipse fortress rock is within walking distance of the resort Rosa Khutor. Before starting the ascent, the instructor will conduct a full training in the technique of climbing and working with climbing equipment. For beginners will be held a full-fledged training from scratch.

from 3 960

Hiking route to the mountains, where the corners of untouched nature are preserved, striking in its beauty. The length of 12 km, the duration of 8 hours.

from 2 250

Walking route from the village of Krasnaya Polyana in the Sochi National Park to one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in the region.

from 1 500

Cycling trip to the White Cliffs canyon located in the Navalishinsky gorge.

from 7 550

Popular tour in Sochi National Park to the mineral springs. Beautiful nature, mountain rivers, views and chestnut forest. The length of 18 km, the duration of 6 hours. Exercise average.

from 1 500