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Trekking and Nordic Walking»

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Trekking "Kharginsky Forest"

from 800

Trekking "Yuriev Khutor"

from 800

Mountain Hike expedition

During this interactive scientific tour little explorers will learn about geology, rivers and forests, plants and animals. They will learn to identify species of trees, ferns, moss and other plants. They will learn about the Caucasus mountains and will create their own rock collection. Each kid will get an illustrated workbook that will make the tour educational and entertaining. 

from 550

Expedition "School of Survival"

Training in mountain tourism. How to prepare for a hike, selection of equipment, how to set up a camp, make a fire, how to behave in a thunderstorm, how to recognize poisonous plants, first aid skills - all this will be learned from professional instructors.

from 650

Expedition "Colonization"

Kids will take a trip to discover the Caucasus history, will find out about its people's traditions. The young scouts will imagine how they'll build their own house or where they'll find food and water. 
The path follows a scenic trail with a view on the mountains and brings you to an ethnic village. Wooden traditional houses, fresh bread in the oven, goats pasture in the alpine meadow.

from 950